The Kitchen

Version One: Prehistoric till early 2008. South end of back verandah photograph

Version Two: 2008 - 2012. North end of back verandah photograph

Version Three: 2012 - late-2014. Moved into dining room to allow demolition of Back verandah and construction of new rear of house. photograph

Version Four: 2014 - late 2016. Trial occupancy of final kitchen space photograph

Version Five: early 2017. Back into the dining room to allow a brand new permanent kitchen to go in! photograph

Version Six: early 2017 till present. Rapid installation of everything that needed to function in order to use the kitchen - Very gradual completion of the finishing-off into 2019 photograph


Home House October 2013 Asbestos Verandah Tanks Fort Veg Orchard Pacas

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