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December 12 2010

We've survived the rain so far, but things got a bit wet around Rye Park: photograph Plus in other news, the residents of Cluckingham Palace are feeding well. So well in fact that we had to expand our vege tunnel into a rectangle, thus re-naming it The Vege Enclosure: photograph Happy Xmas to all, Steve


Cluckingham Palace

November 11 2010

It's been quite a while since I've posted, but we've been busy all the same. 3 main developments:
1 - We've finally got our chooks and they're housed in an old dog-kennel that was in the back paddock: photograph 2 - I've finished Lesley's half of the new shed, which she is using as a craft studio: photograph and 3 - Ryan has moved here on a permanent basis and will be doing computer studies through the correspondence arm of TAFE.


Alpacas Arrive

August 13 2010

We've finally acquired our much-planned alpacas Archie and Monty. We brought them from the Southern Highlands in a horse float" photograph


Very Nice Holiday

May 8 2010

Here is where we stayed in the Megalong: photographAnd here is where I'm up to with the shed: photograph It was great to see Mum and Dad on Dad's Birthday - pity about the surroundings, which were un-planned owing to a mechanical breakdown. But the car was fixed and we made it home to Rye Park that night...


Tomatoes In

April 13 2010

We got our first frost this morning, a very mild one, so Lesley brought in all the tomatoes: photograph


Shed Progressing

March 20 2010,

Finally I've finished the outer shell of the shed: photograph This meant that I could start pouring the dirt floor: photograph It's fairly clayey soil and probably would have been okay without cement, but I gave it 1:10 cement to be on the safe side.

Meanwhile, after Kath's Cabin went next-door to become Gary's cabin, I was able to continue the alignment of the toilet pipe that we put between the septic and the cabin. To cover it while gradually inclining towards the house I built a retaining wall behind which we have herbs and veges. The pipe now only has 3 metres till it gets to where our propose inside toilet is to go: photograph


Fountain installed

March 4 2010,

photograph We bought it a month or so ago and took a little time putting a garden around it (Violets). We put a picnic pergola over it for the time being to cut down on evaporation, but later will build a metal dome for wisteria to grow over it... photographGood on Lesley for insisting on getting a fountain - it's lovely to hear the water trickling.



January 10 2010,

photograph Kath has now moved permanently to the nursing home at Boorowa Hospital. Unfortunately she hasn't bounced back from her bad spell at the time of my birthday, so we decided she needs to be in full-time care. It's great that she's still close by and we can visit her whenever we like.

We got a few great photos with the kids: photograph She only got to spend a few weeks in the cabin: photograph But at least having Kath here meant we upgraded our water supply (the gravity-feed from the "old" new tank that went up the back is brilliant - especially in our all-too-frequent power-cuts when the pressure pump wouldn't be working!) It looks like Gary next door will want to buy the cabin as he's currently living up the back in a very small caravan.

Also, thanks to Andrew for a great shot of the new verandah, taken the day after my 50th: photograph


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