News for 2012

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Last News of the Year

December 31 2012

The widening of the back verandah is now visibly real: photograph and here you can see the temporary bathroom 2.0, and on the left is the space where the final bathroom will be - yes, it will have a fireplace! photograph


Patrick White's Fire-surround

November 16 2012



Fireplace Progresses Adequately

October 28 2012

We bought the fire-surround for $51 on ebay a few months ago, and I put it onto the wall while adding some lining and insulation. The top-left is how we first saw the room back in 07: photograph Note: In the bottom-left photo you can see translucent circles called "orbs". They aren't on the camera lens as another photo shows: photograph These are only found in digital photographs. Apparently you can pick your own explanation - one is that they are an intelligent life-form from a parallel universe, but nut-jobs think it is an artefact of the interaction of light and dust in low light using a cheap camera...


Redesign of Website

October 1 2012

The news is now right here on the Home Page. I find on other websites that this is helpful because I go there to check the news but the rest of the site is right there as well.

The colour scheme is supposed to vaguely match the colours of the house.

And here are an alien cat and dog... photograph


Temporary Shed/Pantry

September 28 2012

Okay, it looks a bit weird. We needed some usable space where the extension is going - a bit of work-space and the fridge and freezer. But I need to be able to build the new floor underneath, so it's raised: photograph
The (temporary) bathroom is still 1.0 - I'll be able to work around it for a bit longer.


Temporary Kitchen 2.0

September 26 2012

In order to get started on the extension at the back of the house we needed to move the kitchen temporarily into the dining room: photograph


One Less Room

February 15 2012

We've finally got rid of the wall between the lounge and dining room and we're enjoying the extra space! photograph


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