News for 2013



August 17 2013

The rabbit has a name and a home: photograph

This is the beginning of Barty's external run: photograph
But he started eating the treated pine so it needs a re-think...


Temporary bathroom 2.0

Now with flushing toilet!

July 2 2013


Also, be amazed by the new-look page links in the left panel - they expand on mouse-hover!


New Tin, Warm Inside

June 9 2013

Unfortunately colorbond doesn't come in silver, so it's "Classic Cream" - the most light-reflective colour and therefore coolest in summer: photograph

And for warmth in winter here's the insulation: photograph Note the cypress floor - it's naturally termite-resistant so doesn't neeed to be treated.


How to remove roofing iron

May 24 2013

The sheets of the old back verandah were screwed to each other, so it was easier just to pull them all down in one go:

Sorry it's cut off at the end, I ran out of room on the camera.



April 4 2013

Here's what we've been up to so far this year: photograph


But as we're both studying Massage therapy now at Canberra Institute of Technology, we're only able to do little bits on the house.



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