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Kitchen Explodes

November 5 2014

Here's what our kitchen/dining room has looked like since 2012: photograph

While on the outside that corner has been a shed: photograph (And how did that window break, I hear you ask? It's a sad story of a lack of bracing and a brief gust of wind... a story about a wall falling over.)

Now the wall between the dining room and the shed has been removed: photograph

We moved all the old benches etc into it for the moment so we can live in it for a while before deciding on the final layout. At the moment we have two islands which, as Lesley said, makes our kitchen an archipelago: photograph Feedback on how this layout grabs you is welcome.

Also we dragged the last 2 tanks that had been around the house down to the bottom cluster, where there are now 7 tanks: photograph

This is where 5 of the tanks were when we bought the house: photograph Feedback on how this layout grabs you is welcome.

And now - no tanks! photograph

What was that? How did I move these tanks you ask?


Woolfest 2014

October 5 2014

Vick Stayed here on the Saturday night and we went into Boorowa for the Running of the Sheep on Sunday. Here is the Flyball comp: link
More photos and some videos on a separate page here


Spring is Springing

September 18 2014

: photograph


Lounge all Painted

June 28 2014

Actually, it was done a couple of months ago, but the camera hasn't been working...: photograph

This is what the same room looked like in 2007 when we bought the house: photograph

And one of the kittens has become a permanent resident: photograph His name is Pippin.


Starting to paint the lounge

March 27 2014

It's proceeding slowly as usual, but it's always nice to see a visible difference: photograph

Oh, and here are 5 kittens in a box. Along with their mum, we're fostering them for a while till they can go out to good homes... photograph


Happy New Year

January 5 2014

So back to the old front page then. The "Snapshot October 2013" page is now a stand-alone page hereand it has its own entry in the "Pages" menu on the left of your screen.

Lesley has been hard at work creating the new back garden: photograph
Gary kindly let us cut down a section of our common fence that was right behind the house so we could use more of the area (but the property boundaries remain the same) photograph

Meanwhile I've been sprucing up the caravan for our next trip to Wallaga Lake in Feb: photograph


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