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As of December 2016 the website is at http://steveslawn.ga/ryepark/
Try going to steveslawn.ga to see the suitably amateurish-looking page that gives details of my gardening business



Kitchen Number 5

August 30, 2016

Version One: Prehistoric till early 2008. South end of back verandah photograph

Version Two: 2008 - 2012. North end of back verandah photograph

Version Three: 2012 - late-2014. Moved into dining room to allow demolition of Back verandah and construction of new rear of house. photograph

Version Four: 2014 - now (Aug 2016). Trial occupancy of final kitchen space photograph

Version Five: Now till post-history. Back into the dining room to allow a brand new permanent kitchen to go in! photograph


A very tiring first Year!

June 13, 2016

See the slide-show of Tainn's first year here.


Sally and Pixel

May 26, 2016

These are our 2 new dogs, acquired through a rescue organisation: photograph




October 1, 2016

Kate and Tainn arrived here this afternoon after a morning arrival in Sydney: photograph
Kate decided to come to Oz for just a month after it was taking too long to get a visa for Erick. Hopefully they'll all be coming for a longer stay later in the year.


Fortifications Nearing Completion

May 13, 2016

Kate and Tainn arriving tomorrow from Guatemala: photograph

Was that a stove with a flue attached you saw in the background? It's finally been installed! photograph
It's even got a hole in the top for letting the smoke out.


Welcome All Aliens!

May 2, 2016

I've been working on a good location map for the cabin to put on the "Getting There" page for the Wallaga cabin. I wasn't sure how far afield to give directions from... photograph

A long time since posting any news here but things have been hapenning all the same. We've had power and plumbing connected to the cabin on our block at home, and the front spare room is lined and painted: photograph

But the biggest news is what a fantastic weekend was had at Wallaga Lake by a pack of Mosses rarely seen in the wild: photograph
They've even got their own page on this site!


New Hall Wall

January 5, 2015

Happy New Year to all! We had a quiet Christmas and New Year, And I had a very pleasant birthday yesterday with visit from Mum and Dad, and a little bit of rain (and more today).

Work on the house moved a little faster in December with the help of Gene Pearsall, a local handyman, who will definitely be back for more work in January. We built this wall between the kitchen and hall, and now the lining is all up in the kitchen and front bedroom so all that's needed is the plastering: photograph


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